About Nature’s Symbiotics

At Nature’s Symbiotics, we are committed to promoting healthy, natural lifestyles. Our supplements contain no artificial ingredients with unpronounceable names, because we believe that natural products hold the key to being truly healthy. When you choose our supplements, you can expect to completely understand exactly what you are putting in your body!

Symbiotic Solutions

We believe that nature has a “symbiosis” for every ailment and problem in the body, so there is no need to resort to pharmaceuticals! If modern consumers ate natural, pure food, there would be less need for our natural supplements. However, the inundation of our society with processed foods creates a need for a healthy substitute. We founded Nature’s Symbiotics in order to provide customers with healthy options derived from nature and also backed by intense scientific research in order to present the appropriate cure found in nature.

What To Expect From Our Supplements

Above all, you can count on naturally pure, high quality ingredients! Our capsules are completely natural and never contain fillers, chemicals, additives, or anything else that we consider “garbage”. Our products are primarily intended to encourage healthy weight loss, boost sagging energy levels, and improve weak immune systems. Our extensive research allows us to present our customers with in-depth analysis of how these supplements function and how they can compliment a healthy lifestyle.

Our Story

We were inspired to create Nature’s Symbiotics through the culmination of many experiences in our lives that left us convinced that whenever there is a natural solution, it is often the best solution. This has become our passion! Here are our stories:

My mother had cervical cancer when she was only in her thirties. When doctors told her she had six months to live unless she underwent traditional treatment, she chose to treat herself through diet and herbal supplements instead. Today, she is 61 and enjoys a longstanding clean bill of health!
A victim of colon cancer, my father treated the disease with a raw diet and herbs, which successfully shrunk the tumor by 70% in a few short months.
My parents raised me from the beginning to favor natural diet and natural medicines whenever possible and it is something I’ve stayed true to throughout my life! I’ve been fortunate enough to not have any major health issues but I’ve had consistent success in treating everything from the common cold to IBS with natural therapies.

- Jeremiah, co-founder

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease when I was 19, and for over ten years (and one surgery) I followed the prescribed Western therapies of lots of different immunosuppressant drugs because that was all I knew. After ten years I eventually needed surgery again and once I recovered, with the help and support of my partner, I decided to forgo traditional drugs in favor of natural therapies. Since then I have had no issues or symptoms, and my remission has been verified by blood tests. I have more energy and feel healthier and stronger than I have in well over a decade.

- Dana, co-founder

Our Mission Statement

Our mission at Nature’s Symbiotics is to encourage our customers to pursue ultimate health by using supplements that are symbiotic with nature. Nature’s Symbiotics always offers natural supplements that promote health and vitality through weight loss, higher levels of energy, and a boosted immune system. Ultimately, Nature’s Symbiotics strives to present the highest quality products on the market and provide comprehensive information and insight into how these natural supplements fit into our customers’ overall health.